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Our company organizes international transportation with land and maritime transport since 2011. When organizing international transportation of goods Logistikline Grupp OÜ selects the best route along which the cargo will be delivered from sender to consignee, registering all necessary customs documents and declarations along the way.

Logistikline Grupp OÜ signs contracts for cargo insurance on any types of risks connected with damage or loss of cargo or against any particular risk.

Cargo insurance reimburses damage connected with the following occurrences:

  1. Traffic accident
  2. Vandalism
  3. Theft
  4. Fire
  5. Natural disaster, etc.

It often happens that cargo cannot be delivered or it would be economically unviable to deliver it using only one type of transportation. In such case specialists of company Logistikline Grupp OÜ organize multimodal shipments.

In the organization of cargo flows our company uses warehouses of our partners which are located in Tallinn (Estonia). If needed our company organizes warehouse in any other country where it is economically viable.

Main routes of international shipment of cargo in containers by maritime transport:

  1. From Asia to Europe
  2. From Asia to Russia

Main direction of road transportation Europe to Russia.